Festival packing checklist

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We’ve compiled a handy list of what to pack for your upcoming festival. Sure, you won’t need ALL of it, but use it as a festival packing checklist. In no particular order:

Must haves

  1. Your tickets – you don’t want to go all that way and embarassingly get sent back home
  2. ID – unless you’re 40+, you’ll probably need proof of age to buy alcohol, whether on site or at a local supermarket

Camping gear

  1. Tent – unless you plan to stay awake for 3/4 days, you’ll be needing a tent, for sure
  2. Rollmat/airbed – go for ease or comfort, either way you’ll want to be sleeping on something more than grass (or mud)
  3. Sleeping bag – depending on the time of year you may want to go for something more lightweight or hardcore, though it’s probably safer to err on the side of caution
  4. Pillow – you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes
  5. Torch – don’t rely on festival lighting, it’s handy inside your tent too


  1. Dry shampoo – this stuff is magic and will save a trip to the showers
  2. Suntan lotion – fingers crossed you’ll need it…
  3. Bug spray – make sure it contains 100% deet to keep the most persistent bugs at bay
  4. Toilet paper – some festivals are well stocked, but don’t get caught short

Weather permitting

  1. Suntan lotion – fingers crossed you’ll need it…
  2. Wellies – you’ll kick yourself if it rains and you’re walking around in wet and muddy Converse
  3. Jumper/coat – even during peak summer, it can get nippy in the evening, no matter how thick your beer jacket is

For fun

  1. Portable speaker – great for in and around the tent
  2. Portable charger – can be used for your speaker, mobile phone, camera or any other device
  3. Drinking gadgets – whether it’s storing, pouring or opening, you’ll be surprised at the innovation in the drinking industry!