What not to bring to a festival

If you’ve read our festival checklist and still wondering what else you should bring, here are some things you definitely shouldn’t bring with you:

  • Glass of any variety – most festivals will confiscate if found, even in the camping area, so stick with plastic only
  • Too many clothes – they’ll weigh down your bag, you’ll never wear everything so just pack light
  • Drugs – drugs are bad mmmk, and you’ll most likely get kicked out if you get caught with anything
  • Gazebos – they’re a pain to carry and everybody will hate you
  • Animals – don’t try and sneak in your pet rabbit, it will end badly
  • Fireworks – you crazy fool, stick to the torch on your phone
  • Valuables – things may get lost, stolen, broken or damaged, so just bring the essentials
  • Chinese lanterns – yeah they’re cool, but a field full of tents + a floating ball of fire is not a good idea
  • Candles – again, these are a pretty big fire risk so stick to LED lanterns or something similar
  • Flares – save those for those European football matches
  • Legal highs – they’re¬†illegal too now, so stick to the alcohol
  • Suitcase – may seem like you’re cutting corners, but you’ll literally be crying 10m into the campsite, opt for a rucksack instead
  • Air horns – nooooooooooooooooobody likes them
  • Rompers/jumpsuits/playsuits – for the girls, they may look cute, but remember you have to pee at some point…
  • Sound systems – stick to portable speakers instead